Punk Revolution part 4

Image result for nirvanaThe Revolution, which began in the two main cities London, England and New York City, New York, changed the way many people saw music and it opened new doors to others who shared similar music, fashion, and feelings. “Mirroring social upheaval with a series of visionary songs couched in black humor, groups such as the Buzzcocks (“Orgasm Addict”), The Clash (“Complete Control”), and Siouxsie and the Banshees (“Hong Kong Garden”) scored hits in 1977–78”. A lot of the modern day bands and even some of the past well-known bands such as Nirvana, Green Day, and Blink 182. Even though the Punk Revolution was a while back many new punk bands are still emerging because the principles of freedom and expression of emotions are still needed. Many young teens believe that as soon as you turn 13 you have the right to rebel and be angry at everything and anything. This genre helps them finds a place to belong and others to relate to and at this certain period of time, meaning 13-18 yr. olds, you tend to find who you are, what you like, and who you want to be. But with this journey you make wrong choices, you’re confused, and often trying to be independent. For many youngsters, punk has helped them to belong and guide them in life. So far there has been no evidence to counteract the thesis. Also, no unbiased research has been made because it is mainly a matter of opinion.


Punk Revolution part 3

Image result for punk revolution 1970The music that was being created and shared gave people hope and taught them to believe in themselves. The music was a representation of their freedom of speech and expression. It showed that if you spoke your mind other people would listen and maybe even connect to you. This power in of itself was immense. The reason behind this is that as a young adult or teenager you undergo a change of dependency from your parents to yourself, this can cause a lot of confusion and mistakes to arise. What the popular bands like The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Ramones did was to show that you had a freedom to be yourself and say what you believed in. They showed that you didn’t need to be afraid or condemned to the suppression the government and society put many people under at this time and age. According to NY Magazine, 50% of people have said that Punk is a lifestyle, and 31% have said it is a state of mind . It showed many people that you didn’t have to know how to play an instrument or be incredibly famous for being in a band, you just had to have something to say to the world. Although some may argue that this genre of music has no beat and is just composed of the people on the stage saying crude words into a microphone, I disagree. At a time of depression, a lot of people felt anger and bitterness towards the government or those that surrounded them. The bands, music, and lyrics turned this pent up negative emotion that was bubbling inside of all these people into something you could rock out to and enjoy. It was a way to let your feelings loose without the destructive consequences.

Punk Revolution part 2

Image result for punk revolution 1970 concertsWhen the punk movement began in the 1970s people found a new way to express their more negative emotions such as rage, sadness, and jealousy, they were free to speak their minds. “In Tokyo, Chicago and Paris, kids are bumping, grinding, loving, hating, wailing to the loud, raucous, often brutal sounds of punk rock… Musicians and listeners strut around in deliberately torn T-shirts and jeans; ideally, the rips should be joined with safety pins…. the hair is often heavily greased and swept up into a coxcomb of blue, orange or green, or a comely two-tone … The music aims for the gut.” All around the world teenagers would be listening to this uncensored descriptive music that allowed them to let off steam. Though many called this rebellious and monstrous because of their foul language and crude remarks for an angry teen this is exactly what you want to listen to when upset. As the “Buzzcocks guitarist Steve Diggle said: ‘A punk motto was to be yourself and do it yourself. We shocked the country. It pulled the carpet from under the record ¬companies’ feet. People were frustrated and they wanted something to identify with.’ ”. During this time the people of Britain had slipped into a period of economic depression due to unemployment. This caused many people to resent and hate the government. What the bands of the time did was put the feelings they saw and felt into music that others could relate to.

Punk, the only constant in my chaotic life

cropped-cropped-ban1.pngPunk.  Does it mean violence, destruction, and rebellion? Or does it stand for freedom, hope, and love?

When I first began to listen to punk it was because I wanted to change, I wanted a fresh start. Although I went about it the wrong way Punk was the one constant in my ever changing and chaotic life. Bands such as Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and Black Veil Brides showed me how to love myself, speak up for what I believed in, and face the world.

As I began to explore the world of punk I saw and heard of all these different bands and artists who were just simply amazing. I learned the different sub-genres that existed within the punk culture that I had never imagined would be real. Sub-genres such as pop, indie, metal, rock, classic, alternative, screamo, hard, soft, metallic, electronic, and so much more. I realized that I had immersed myself into a beautiful and majestic lifestyle that I soon embraced with wide, open arms.

As my seventh-grade year progressed I was faced with new challenges I had to deal with. I found strength, safety, and comfort in the songs that I listened to. I found advice, someone who I could relate to, and a way to express myself to the world to show how I TRULY felt.

Punk is the only constant in my chaotic life.

Saved by Sleeping With Sirens 


Sleeping With Sirens. A punk band that leans more towards the screamo side.

With their lead singer Kellin Quinn, Justin Hills on Bass guitar, Gabe Barham the drummer, Nick Martin on the rhythm guitar, and finally but certainly not least is Jesse Lawson also on rhythm guitar. These five talented artists have written and sung songs that inspired and saved millions, including myself. Songs such as Better Off Dead, Trophy Father Trophy Son, Feel, The Strays, Kick Me, If you Can’t Hang, and Parasites have helped me deal with situations that I had lost my grip on. Troubles such as Suicide, trouble with my father, feeling like an outsider, anger, abandonment, and self-harm.

At a time when I felt alone and lost listening to this band was like secretly having them support me. I felt like I had them to lean on in this time of need. I would listen to them at any time I had my earbuds with me. It didn’t matter if I was happy, sad, angry, anxious, scared, or any other emotion you can think of. They were always there. They were my safety blanket to comfort me against the ruthless world that lay beyond me.

Although classical punk bands were a part of my introduction to punk I almost immediately found SWS and fell in love. They held my hand and led me into the amazing world called Punk.

Punk Revolution part 1

simononFrom head banging and screaming and a rock and roll beat, ripped jeans, colorful hair, and a wild rebellious attitude, this was The Punk Revolution of 1976. Punk helps people to express anger, rage, and sadness instead of the usual lovey-dovey songs on happiness and cheeriness. This music has inspired millions and shocked the music industry. “While many will argue that punk promotes violence, destruction, rebellion, and inappropriate themes such as sex ”. My point of view on this topic is that The Punk Revolution of 1976 was a positive cultural influence that inspired many young teenagers to stand up for themselves, what they believed in, and inspired the music community, as we know it today.

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