Warped at last

Pumping music, screams of joy and passion, guitar solos that rock you to your core, and unforgettable memories. This is Warped Tour. 

Saturday July the 30th. This was the day where I was going to experience my first concert ever. The energy was pumping through my veins giving me a buzz of happiness and hyperactivity. The smile on my face reached from ear to ear. Nothing could make me happier than to experience this fantastic event. I had even managed to get my boyfriend and mom to join me!

Although the heat was grueling and it seemed as if our shoes were melting on the pavement it all seemed irrelevant when it came to everything else around me. 

Looking around at all the people was amazing. You could see so many different ages and styles there. Scenes, punks, emos, rockers, and even every day people who didn’t need to identify as anything but themselves. But most of all you saw fans. Fans who were smiling, jumping up and down, screaming, and taking everything in. 

The first thing I did was check the schedules for my top three bands/artist. Once I had that down I quickly ran/dragged my boyfriend to the Journey’s left foot stage and got ready to jam with Hawthorn Heights. As we waited for the show to begin my boyfriend took me over to listen to Fear and Wonder. I admittedly have only heard this band once on the radio, but at that moment the buzz and happiness of those around me swept me in and I began to jam out. 

Finally the time had come to hear and see Hawthorn Heights. The drums began and the guitar soon followed. It was as if I was in a trance because I could feel the music and as I looked around me I felt pure and utter joy.

At 95 degrees you need to stay hydrated so my boyfriend pulled me out about half way through and broke my trance to go get water. Although I complained at first I realized I was thirsty and needed to be conscious to see what I had come here for.

While at rest in the shade I heard so many different bands play and although I didn’t recognize many they all had one thing in common. The fact that they could bring people together because of the sense of familiarity and comfort that their songs have the fans. 

At last it came time for my favorite artist performing that day. Andy Black. I was super excited and a ball of hyperactive energy bouncing around and giggling every 5 seconds. Then the familiar tune of ribcage came on and I sang along word by word it was a pretty emotional time for me so I cried. I cried because of the happiness I felt, because I realized I had survived the everything and was here to see one of my saviors performing live, and because I realized I was getting better little by little. After ribcage came homecoming king, a cover for an Adele song, a duet with Juliette Sims, and finally my all time favorite we don’t have to dance. 

After that We were all exhausted and overheated so we decided to go home. Even though you might say that we didn’t fully enjoy warped I say that the memories I made and the feeling of pure joy within me was the perfect way to end my warped experience.

Hawthorn Heights performance:





Andy Black performance:




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