The rage inside

Have you ever felt so angry that you start to shake and you wish to tear everything and everyone around you apart? If you have then you know how hard it is to calm yourself down before you explode. 

Like many teens I experience various mood swings throughout the day and sometimes I just get to that point where I’m so pissed at the world. I know that if I explode and let my anger rain free I would deeply regret it. So I had to find a way to quench the burning flames or rage.

As many of you know Sleeping With Sirens is one of my favorite bands and they are actually the ones that have helped me with my explosive anger moments. The song Kick Me is a very powerful song. When I lip sink it feels like I am letting my anger go little by little. 

I have this song practically memorized and have been listening to it for almost two years now. I sometimes have to listen to it only once and other times it can be on repeat throughout the day until I fall asleep. 

The song does have two foul words within it but it is understandable seeing as it it a song to express or in my case release anger. 

I have played this song to my mother before in order to show her some of my anger without hurting her but I do believe it was a tad to intense for her. While I agree that the song is quite intense I also know that when feel my heart beating to the same fast beat pace as the song it gives me a sense of calm in a way. It feels like the lyrics course through my veins carrying power through my bloodstream and into my heart. 

For whatever reason my mind and heart have chosen this loud, fast pace, rage filled work of art has been able to help me when the steam coming out of my ears and the roaring flames within are raging bright and loud.


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