Fallen Angels

Fallen angels. Many believe these creatures of light and pure divinity are the holiest of beings those who have fallen are often seen as evil or dark. These beings are called fallen angels. The rumor behind these fallen beings is that they are dark, impure, tainted. I believe otherwise. I believe that these creatures hold pain too dark to remain in the heavens among those of light. They hold pain beyond imaginable. Because of this they are cast out or fall from the heavens, this falling into a pain and destruction filled world called earth. 

The song Fallen Angels by Three Days Grace is a masterpiece that truly represents my pain as a fallen angel. Many friends and family have told me I’m an angel wether because of my kindness or as they say my ” angelic purity”. For almost 5 years now I’ve held my pain hidden deep inside until recent events have brought every heartbreak, tear, and despair filled moment right up to the surface. 

6 months ago I was admitted into a mental hospital because of my anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self harming tendencies, and a lot of other dark things within me. I was at the hospital for a week and after I spent almost 4 months in a therapy program. At this program I met my best friend. He helped me find my way out of the darkness and brought light back into my soul. I tried to do the same for him and I believe that the more time we were together the light returned little by little. After our time at the program we spent time as best friends and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. 

I strongly feel that this song represents what me and my boyfriend have been able to do for each other.



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