Bravery from Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides. Powerful, strong, meaningful. This is the band that has helped me to gather my courage and face the world head on. Andy Biersack the amazing and caring giant also the lead vocalist, Jinxx the hyper active and adorable violinist, Ashley Purdy sassy and always on point plays bass guitarist, Jake Pitts handsome and talented is on lead guitar, and Cristian Coma (aka CC) lively and rocking the stage with his drums. 

Some of the most inspirational and empowering songs from this group are In The End, Knives and Pens, Fallen Angels, Rebel Love Song, Goodbye Agony, Heart of Fire, Lost it All, Perfect Weapon, Smoke and Mirrors, The Mortician’s Daughter, Never Give In, All Your Hate, and We Don’t Belong. These songs filled me with energy and allowed me to move on from the many challenges I faced during my middle school years.

This band taught me very important lessons that helped me survive these last few treacherous years. These lessons included learning to fight for what I believed in, getting through a challenging and keeping my head high, being myself and not be ashamed to show my scars to the world, sometimes pain and spite can blur your view on reality, being different and unique is perfectly fine so why not embrace it, and finally one of the ones that has helped the most has been learning to move on from the pain, the hurt, and the despair and chaos filled past that I’ve lived. I also learned that pretending to be someone I’m not will only come back and bite me in the butt. Another thing I learned is that if I keep building my wall and blocking others out it will eventually crumble under all the pressure and I will be left with nothing and be defenseless and vulnerable. 

Both BVB and my amazing boyfriend have taught me to love myself and that love can conquer all including distance. All you have to do is believe and never give up on love or yourself. 


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